Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A bit more on GRADEBOOK PRO

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I’ve been testing a couple of attendance/grading apps.
After a few tests, I decided to Keep using GRADEBOOK PRO as the main grade keeping program for all my classes throughout the semester. I sent e-mail to each student with their grades, attendance, homework assignments and comments.  I really like the fact that you have 5 different choices on what to send them; just grades, or attendance, or homework assignments, each one with or without your comments, or everything at once. I tried all the versions with a few students and they liked all of them, preferring the complete version of things (with or without comments, they didn't mind either way.) I still have to find a desktop version to have the same kind of access at my office. I sent the people who developed the program a message asking, but never got an answer. I'll keep trying ...

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