Sunday, October 27, 2013

Captain Obvious Newsflash: Training is Helpful

What a difference a little training makes!  I participated in the IT Department's iPad Tips and Tricks training session last week, and learned many ways to resolve the problems I noted in my last post usin the iPad with my existing files and documents.  Thanks to Julio, I learned how to more successfully access the MS Word, pdf, and other files that I regularly rely on by putting them into Dropbox and then using the Good Reader app to read them, or Google Drive. 

Interestingly, though, he affirmed that while all of these programs will help me access files, none of these programs are terribly effective at allowing me to modify them.  As Julio advised, the purpose of the iPad is to leverage everything you can do with the web in an exceptionally portable platform with a visual interface that beats a small phone screen.  (A word processor it's not!) 

But to access the web and its content, he explained, you really do need apps.  They're not optional playthings (as tech-dinosaurs like me sometimes presume); they are an integral component of the iPad operating system (figuratively at least).  On behalf of Captain Obvious, I'm on to the next lesson...