Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thanks for a great Tech Conference

I've used so much of what I learned and gathered a couple weeks ago at the LC Faculty Tech Conference.  All the Google apps sessions were helpful for me.  So many great iPad tools were shared and I'm now trying more apps.  It would have been GREAT to have this resourceful gathering in the early days, but I'm just grateful to feel a little more "on board" with it now. 

Cloud on is the answer to writing docs on the ipad - finding this resource alone was worth attending - SO MUCH improved from Quickoffice HD Pro - wish I wouldn't have wasted that money!

iThoughtsHD is cool for big picture mapping and I'm trying it out to design new coursework with it... but nothing competes for me to the big roll of chart paper so I can see everything at once.  The iPAD is so small in comparison.  It is all about transitioning my brain, I'm sure.  Other mapping programs looked good also, but this one got a good review so I'll let you know...

Simple things I'm using -
Presentation Clock - great timer for presentations and time limits for group work, etc.  Nice and big to project on a screen. 
Big sounds - fun for whenever and whatever (freak out the dog or the sleeping partner?!)

That's all for now - will once a season fulfill the posting requirement?!
And thanks once again for the awesome technology conference.  I hope more faclty take advantage next time.

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  1. I just found this blog, and just got my ipad. Are there notes or slides anywhere from this conference? I'm dying to get the low-down on the good apps and tools!


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