Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Star Walk rocks!

If you don't already have Star Walk, go get it now!  It's summer and the skies are clear, just do it!  This app allows you to hold your iPad up to the sky and it will display what stars and planets are immediately behind the iPad, as if it is giving you a window on the heavens.  My plan was to use it for the telescopic observations sessions that I offer to my Astronomy class, but the weather was so horrible this spring that we never got up there.  I was going to just let the students pass it around and play with it while they waited in line to look through the telescope.  You can also use the app to tool around a star map and get information about the various objects, but the coolest thing is to hold it up to the sky.  It's $4.99 (less than 2 lattes, no?) and will be fun for the whole family!

OK, enough for the sales pitch, here's a screen shot:

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  1. How COOL! I'm planning to check it out. Thanks for including the awesome visual.


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