Monday, February 20, 2012

Well, it is now time for me to report on my experiences with this thing.
Let me start at the beginning. When I applied for the iPad, I had all sorts of ideas what I wanted to do with it. Once I actually GOT the thing and "played around" with it for a while, I must admit that I wasn't really sure that this will work the way I imagined.
I browsed around the App Store for something I could actually USE, but rather than encouraging me,  the SHEER number of applications actually made me give up looking after less than an hour.
However, I'm not in rehearsals for the all main stage production, and I'm finding myself rarely ever separated from the iPad. It has truly become an indispensable tool to me.
One of the major breakthroughs was my discovery how EASY is actually is to type on the screen. It seems that the device is LEARNING my vocabulary as I go, and typos are really not a problem- the iPad corrects them on the go, and in the VAST majority of cases, it knows what I wanted to type and types exactly that. On some level, I could say, that I now TRUST the iPad to write what I want to write, and it frees me to type without looking at the keyboard or the screen (which of course are one and the same in this case).
I am taking lots of rehearsal notes on the device. I'm also starting to take pictures of certain stage compositions as I block them with the actors, and I am planning (tonight actually) to use the device to film an entire run of the show. No of course I could do all of this on my laptop, or with a video camera, or a phone, etc., but the convenience of being able to review all my notes, my pictures, the films, and more in any setting, without needing to transfer one pieces of information from one device to another; without needing to unpack stuff, open stuff, log into stuff, etc... makes it all much more palatable and - especially - effective and QUICK.
Well, that's it for today. I will keep blogging, and next time, I'd like to demonstrate how effective the device has been during my interviews with thirty-seven student applicants for the 2012 New York City Off-Campus Program. It was a life saver - veritably...
But later about that.

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