Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My first blog, ever...
I was so excited when I heard I was accepted to the "ipad grant group" this winter.  I was certain the ipad was going to present THE solution to hauling my heavy laptop everywhere and give me some "new tools"!  It hasn't proven to be as complete a support as I'd hoped, but I'm still exploring the uses and apps.  I really only have two discoveries, one has proved a god-send and the other disappointing.  I love Dropbox and use it to access documents I am working on between home, the office, and in the field.  The other is QuickOffice.  I hoped to be able to pull up documents from Dropbox and edit them (out in the field working on a student's program, making notes, etc).  It is clunky, the powerpoint option didn't work on the ones I tried to edit, and I'm not sure I'll end up using it.  There were suggestions at our meeting - iannotate, good reader, and others that I want to try.  I might even have to move to pages and keynote... hmm.

So, my biggest fears about moving to google (I still have some bugs to work out on accessing my work email from my ipad...) and blogging are behind me.  Now it is time to find those apps that will change my practice!
Wish me luck!

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