Friday, February 17, 2012

Connecting to your Desktop Computer from your iPad

A question that came up during our iPad gathering yesterday was if it is possible to access your computer from your iPad. The answer is YES! The piece of software that folks in IT have recommended for doing that is called PocketCloud Remote Desktop Pro by Wyse (it is currently on sale for $8.99). With this app, and knowing the IP address and username/password for your computer, you can connect to and control your desktop computer. This includes launching and using any software applications that you have on your computer. It is not super easy to navigate using your finger as the mouse on a very condensed screen, but it can be done. And, once you are in Microsoft Word, for example, it is just like typing in the notes program on your iPad.

A picture of my Mac desktop as seen from my iPad

I indicated to folks that usually, instead of using the small screen, I usually move a document that I want to work on into Dropbox and open it directly onto my device. That is, unless I don't have

It is important to know that you need to be not only on the Internet, but on our network to be able to do this. So, if you want to do this from home or any other non-LC location, then you first have to connect using VPN (Virtual Private Network) to convince your iPad that you are on the L&C network. To do this, you need to use a second app called AnyConnect by Cisco (Free). The VPN connection that you want to make is to and you sign in using your login and password. Once you have made this connection, then you can launch and use the PocketCloud software from anywhere.

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