Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wrapping it up

Hindsight is such a luxury - and now results in a humbling 'confession'...

When I first applied, then was granted, this dynamic tool, I envisioned my new relationship with current technology via my iPad would enable a torrent of new adventures in capability and inspiration.  My subsequent learning curve over the last 18 months has become so much less dramatic - and so much more realistic.  Frustrating, but isn't real learning just so?

Here, at least, are those at the top of my list of lessons (many too subtle to list or even recognize):
  • For me, the iPad is not a "production tool": the 'product' of my work is still dependent on non-tech type tools like pencil & paper.  I have to admit - to myself and others - that the amount of time my personal 'training-and-practice' required for some of the potentially useful 'producing' apps competes with my available time to deliver - to my course prep, class sessions and to my design process.  I wonder if I'll ever be up to the re-prioritization of time for such training?
  • for me, my iPad can be a viable "delivery tool" for some content in my coursework, and I appreciate that I now have more choices.
  • I very much appreciate the portability of the iPad for making it one of the more desirable of those choices.
  • After spending many frustration hours of app research-and-testing - in order to be responsible to my iPad's grant agreement - I am often more rewarded by 'accidental' recommendations for apps that really become useful (for example: Noteshelf, which allows me to hand-write - with/without stylus - notes on separate 'tablets') and, gradually, are allowing me depend less on paper.
In spite of frustration, I am grateful for this adventure in learning.  My most valuable - and humbling lesson is more about myself than about my iPad.  I have become more self-aware of my own learning styles - and consequently more sensitive to those of my younger, more technically savvy students.

My conclusion: life with an iPad is entirely worth every revealing moment.  Thank you for all the lessons!

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