Friday, May 17, 2013

Looking backward and forward

The end of the 1st iteration of LC's iPads in education is drawing to a close and I have found the iPad to work pretty well at replacing other electronic tools in my teaching/scholarship.  Most of the failures led to new use of other technology.
1. It  worked really well in presenting and working with material in the classroom and its portability and ease of use has pushed me to use digital projection in the biology teaching labs.  This in itself has allowed me to discuss student work (data) with the entire class as participants, enhancing what I can accomplish in my lab courses.
2. It directly led to my use of Dropbox, which is now a staple in my academic life.
3. It was super useful in working with large electronic documents that I used to print.
4. It did not work very well at marking student work, but led me to work electronically with student work on a desktop (my students can now read my comments!)
5. It was not very useful in developing material when traveling overseas, however it worked great for consumption of electronic media (when there was wifi available).

In the future:  I am playing with Notability and I plan on going paper free at at upcoming professional meeting.  I am going to use the the iPad molecules app to engage students with structure when I teach an intro cell/molecular biology class next spring.

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