Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Itinerary by ScholarOne

A useful app when going to a professional conference.

I recently returned from a conference and had a great experience with an app called "My Itinerary" by ScholarOne.  It was a conference of the Acoustical Society of America and they made the conference book available in this form.  The app allowed me to browse through all of the talks being presented at the conference including links to the abstracts for the talks.  When I found one I liked, I clicked on it and it was added to my personalized itinerary, hence the app name.  The information was all downloaded to my iPad, so I could view the information on the plane.  The app also had other useful information like maps of the meeting room locations etc.  Since I was also taking notes on my iPad, I quickly learned that I didn't need to carry anything else around with me at the conference.  This was very cool and worked great, but will only be useful to you if your professional conference makes their information available in this form.  Here's a link to information on the app:  And here is a screenshot of "My Itinerary":

P.S. A random little tip: the most useful non-obvious gesture I've found is switching between apps rapidly by putting all five fingers on the screen and then sweeping left or right.  If you only have a few apps open, this works really well to switch between them.  In my case, it was the above app and the note taking app.

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  1. Steve, I recently went to a couple of conferences using similar applications. One, EventBoard even allowed us to do the session evaluations in the app! It was pretty slick!


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