Thursday, October 18, 2012

My iPad 'delivers'!

Last month, I concluded my post acknowledging that I was finally grokking my iPad's potential as a "delivery" device (having fretted for months over how it should/could be "creative").  I'm happy to report some success with BOTH!

Thanks to the clear recommendations from a colleague previously on this blog regarding GoodReader, I committed myself to putting that resource into my project requirements: now, written work supporting all projects in my FUNDAMENTALS OF DESIGN course may only be digitally submitted.  Granted, the consequence of that commitment was some up-front 'training' time.  I also had to reconcile myself to the several steps that have replaced my red-pen notes on original paper (translating submissions into easily identifiable files-in-folders, depositing into Dropbox, reading/commenting/marking-up the work, uploading marked-up papers back to Dropbox, and finally emailing each annotated submission back to students).  BUT... none of these steps - now that I have 'practiced' them - are hugely burdensome, AND I have the annotated papers to keep on file through the semester - something not possible before.  Forcing myself to take at least this 'digital' step in coursework that is otherwise all hands-on has given me, at the very least, some consolation in my ongoing steps to put my iPad into MY education as well as my students!

(I also want to give yet another shoot out for Dropbox, which has become my go-to 'bridge' app between my office computer and this lightweight iPad access tool.  Research images open with lightening speed on the iPad, and working on multiple projects in a variety of meetings outside of my office has become effortless.  I know there are other similar apps out there, and would be interested if others have found 'better' apps than this.  For now, I'm a fan!)

Finally, I will happily confess - after months of frustration - that a first grader gave me a 2-minute demo on one of the most user friendly "rendering" applications I have seen... and I immediately downloaded Art Set ($0.99).  Yes, it makes drawing, 'painting' and other simple rendering techniques into "child's play" - what's wrong with that?!!  For initiating visual ideas in full color (with a simulation of the acrylics, pastels, crayons and colored pencils that we all have befriended for years), I am delighted to finally have a no-training-time required tool on my iPad.  I look forward to experimenting on how I might display/download the new colored content for my students.  I'll bet back to you on that . . .

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