Thursday, May 3, 2012

Live From Uganda!!! Almost.

Hello everyone! I am coming from you live from Uganda! Well, I'm actually on a layover in Amsterdam, but I will be there soon. Dr. Teresa McDowell and I are taking 13 students to Uganda to do a cross training in family therapy at the Bishop Magambo Training Counselor Training Institute in Fort Portal. We will be there for two weeks. 

I'm really excited about taking the IPad which I received from Lewis and Clark as part of the teaching grant. I have big plans to put this baby through the test. So far I have used it to record students practicing their presentations and showing them strategies of how to be more engaging. I also worked with some colleagues in Merida, Mexico and recorded us doing Theater of the Oppressed. I was able to then show our students how to set up the small skits which focus on domestic violence and then debrief with the audience in the park. It was helpful for students to see the process unfold instead of just reading about it. The IPad is good for that. It is really engaging to hold the computer in your hands and control the media.

The difficulty about having the iPad version which I have, minus 3G, is that I don't have a consistent Internet connection. This severely limits the flexibility which I anticipated having while traveling. For example,  I wanted to respond to all of the past emails which I owed for the entire semester while on the plane. I responded to a bunch,  but now I don't have internet, so none of the responses have gone out. I will be able to get wifi at some point,  but I know that this will be a problem throughout the trip.  
This also impacts the ability to do blogs ( in addition to all of the other limitations I have) because it will be a process to get thing posted. 

So this is my first blog. I got much more to come. So stay tuned. 

Ps. This s really my 2nd blog. My 3 year old daughter deleted my other blogs which were really, really, witty, while using my iPhone notes to make a grocery list. I didn't really know that my iCloud worked as advertised until I got ready to post and voila it was gone. So yes, my baby messed up my homework haha

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