Tuesday, May 1, 2012

HeinOnline – iPad Style

One of things I read a lot of are law review articles.  Call me old school, but I like the format I became accustomed to in the days of dead trees – the page with the footnotes at the bottom of each page.  Westlaw, lexis, html versions….well, they are just not the same.  So, I often find myself pulling articles through HeinOnline.  For years I’ve done this through the handy-dandy link provided on the law library’s home page (thank you Boley library for such a wonderful list of links to the databases I use most often!).  One of the questions I’ve taken to asking any law professor I come across that has an iPad is “what’s your favorite work-related app”  (and lately I’ve been adding “and don’t tell me about goodreader or evernote”).  One of those questions led me to the HeinOnline app and now I’m hooked! 

The HeinOnline App authenticates my account for 30 days when I log on to the app through servers.  When 30 days is up, I just have to log in again when I’m on campus.  The interface is very user friendly – more user friendly than the web-based version.  And, when I have pulled an article that I want to keep reading, or want to annotate for later reference, I can quickly save it into my dropbox and pull it up in goodreader.  If you are a HeinOnline user – I highly recommend this app!

[Getting back on the blogging-horse (fell off there for awhile – guess that’s what happens with a super-busy semester!).  Sorry about that!]

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