Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Review Session Trivia Game

For my last day of class I am planning on playing a jeopardy-like trivia game to serve as a review session.  I initially looked for iPad apps that would help me build a custom game, but didn't have much luck.  I ended up finding a website ( that was both free, user-friendly, and exactly what I was looking for.    You can check out my game here:

The game was really easy to put together-- just enter in the questions, answers, and point values.  Best of all, the website is compatible with iPad so you could potentially use the iPad in class to project the game on the screen.  Instead, I'm opting to use the classroom computer to project the game while using my iPad as a mechanism for choosing which teams get to answer the questions.  The app I'm using for this is "Game Buzzer Free", it's the only one I found which allowed players to go head-to-head to buzz in first.  Here is the screenshot for the app:

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