Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Don't Leave Home Without It

It is almost the end of the Spring Semester and my iPad and I have become inseparable friends. I simply cannot imagine my life without that little tablet of mine, and I truly "Don't Leave Home (or the Office) Without It."
First of all, I have become a much more ORGANIZED a person that I've ever been in my life. The simple, pre-loaded app, called "Remindert" is a life saver, for someone who's running a Department, directing a show or two, working on all sorts of outside projects, teaching several classes, scheduling a great number of meetings every day, and is trying to have a life too. I simply put everything straight into the application, it organizes it by days and hours, and sends me reminders. I haven't missed a meeting yet since I use the app.
Second, my NOTES have now become organized as well. Previously, I'd have hundreds of pieces of papers with different notes from different meetings, classes, etc. I'd have different note books flying about my office and home, and in general, I'd lose half the notes I took. Now, with the iPad, all my notes are in the same place - instantly accessible, never lost, and actually useful.
Third, I have now downloaded several dictionaries and writing aides onto the iPad. My work as a translator has been made much easier, and I don't need to use hard-copies of dictionaries, I have several different kinds of Thesaurus o the device, and other writing applications. I just completed a major translation of a Czech play, and the iPad was invaluable.
Finally, I'm making great use of the Dropbox. All my files are now accessible to me where ever I go, and that makes my work much easier.
So, in general, the device is very very helpful in my daily life, and I wouldn't trade it against anything else.

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