Friday, March 22, 2013

Mapping Apps

One of my absolute favorite uses for the tablet are mapping Apps.  It's the one area in which the iPad has brought me all the joy I had hoped for, and then some. 
Hands down, my favorite is Google Earth--but who doesn't love playing with Google Earth?  I'm hoping to make use of it in some of my environmental courses, where I think it will be a useful way of situating the controversies we talk about in real space. 

After that, I've enjoyed experimenting with several mapping programs that allow me to get additional information about places I was mapping, including satellite and terrain images, and topographical information.  I've had good luck with Maps+, MyTopo Maps, and World Map. 
I am really hoping to be able to use these mapping apps when I visit India to do some guest lectures, but I honestly don't know what kind of functionality to expect in India.  Does anyone have any advice for traveling with the device in this part of the world?


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