Sunday, February 24, 2013

iPad in New York

One of the reasons I applied for the "iPad in Education" was my desire to have the device with me during my stay in New York last semester. I led the L&C New York City Off-Campus Program, and I felt that I needed a device that will allow me to work in different places, to have with me a map of New York at all times, to have applications which will allow me to stay connected with the going-ons in the city, and in general to have the means of being informed AND mobile at the same time.
Truth is that all of my plans for the iPad in New York came true. I schlepped the tablet everywhere, and I made maximal use of it both as an orientation device (I downloaded the MTA - Metropolitan Transport Agency - application, which gave me not only the maps of the various transportation options in NY, but also the current schedules, delays, etc...) and as a means to keep current with the cultural offerings in NY. Applications such as "NYC-Arts" and "Village Voice Listings" and others kept me up to date on whatever was happening in the theatre and other arts, complete with maps and directions to the venues, reviews of the productions and events, and other useful stuff.
Additionally, while in NY I used the iPad as my only teaching tool. I downloaded pictures, video clips and powerpoint presentations for my lectures, and connected the devise to the projector in our NYC classroom during my seminars and lectures in theatre. I also downloaded all my readings in the "iBooks" application and was able to read all my materials on the iPad without needing to make copies. This allowed me to prepare for classes, do other important readings, and do my research everywhere. In the Subway, in coffeehouses, on park benches, etc...
I also used the device as a documentary tool - I took numerous pictures, and short videos of the various class activities and posted them on the NYC Program webpage.
In general then, the device did EXACTLY what I was hoping it would do, and it made my work as a program leader much more efficient and pleasant.
I couldn't have done it without it.

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