Monday, December 3, 2012


As described in my post earlier this semester I am using the iPad in my Cell Biology lab class to present and discuss digital microscopy images students acquire in the course of their research.  It was quite easy to setup a dropbox folder which students were granted access to.  Over the course of the semester I have asked students to upload their data, which I then presented and discussed in class.  As we do not have dedicated digital projection/computers in the Biology teaching labs, the iPad enabled my to easily set up and work with the student materials.  This was done a few weeks prior to the submission of figures including their data and I found that this years class did much better in preparing and labeling their data than past iterations of the lab.  This experience suggests that it might be interesting to use the iPad for more "real-time" exercises where students work on problems and submit work in class that can be projected and used as the basis of class discussions.

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