Monday, December 17, 2012


Images, Images, Images....

One of the most valuable resources for the visual art professor is the availability of high quality historical and contemporary art-based images that can be shared with students.  Usually, I show images with my class in one of the art department's  smart rooms, but showing images to an individual student or a small group of students makes the smart room a time consuming option.

This semester, I found that the iPad is a great way to share images that are specifically selected for an individual or a small group of students without the need to move to a smart room.

Using the iPad in the studio, students can easily explore images and technical information by using the many bookmarked image-based websites. Some include Lewis & Clark's own,, the University of Tennessee ceramics resource site, artStore and others. I love the immediacy and the portability the iPad provides me in the studio. With it, I can quickly find images or an answer to a technical question that is related to a students need.

My biggest problem now is trying to keep it clean! So, I am exploring iPad cases that are water and dust proof. Any suggestions?

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