Monday, November 19, 2012

not a pc, but..

... in another galaxy, far far away... perhaps, there is an iPad that replaces my pc... (Thanks Erin.  I related to your experiences.)
I haven't blogged for a LONG time, I was a little disgruntled after my experience during the summer.    I used Google Docs for the first time as an instructional tool for my students, and was sure the iPad would be a good complement.  Well, let's just say I learned a lot! Many of my students had iPads in place of laptops and had no way to use Google Docs because they hadn't downloaded any form of word processing application.  I should have planned for that but wasn't expecting so many to come armed with iPads to replace laptops.  What was I thinking? I ended up bringing both my laptop and my iPad to class and loaning them to students who didn't have tools that worked. 

Ultimately I have found the place where my iPad fits best in my professional life.  I take it to meetings, both on campus and in the field, and it is convenient, small and great to use for note taking, linking to web access for student transcripts and professional documents.  I've learned to upload everything I may need to Dropbox or to links on the college website.  That is convenient and I don't have to haul around a lot of paper.  I can live with the fact that the iPad isn't a pc, but when I travel around the state to teach and/or meet with students, I carry and use them both.

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