Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Interactive Document Creation in the Classroom

            My first use of the iPad in the classroom relied on the use of Google docs. While this is not an application unique to the iPad, I found that the iPad facilitated a level of interaction and engagement with the students that I would not have been able to achieve otherwise. I teach a small class—only ten students—and we often work together to create and revise documents because we work together on cases and projects. Usually we just talk about the most salient issues, but with the iPad and google docs, I was able to pass around a document that the students could take turns populating with their changes and suggestions. We were able to show the changes onscreen as we worked on the document and talk through the changes in real-time. Next time, the only change I’d make to how I use the iPad would be to see if IT had a wireless keyboard that we could borrow. Typing on the iPad remains challenging and slows group work in the classroom. To my mind, the iPad will be a great addition to my classroom, and I look forward to continuing to share my experiences. 


  1. IT does have a wireless keyboard in our loaner pool that you can check out for short periods!

  2. I've been using the Zaggfolio iPad case that comes with a wireless keyboard. It's a pretty slick solution for situations where you will want to type frequently on your iPad.

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