Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting started...

Well, I'm excited to start participating in the iPads in Education program at Lewis and Clark College.  This is a bit of a test post, since it is my first time using Blogger, but  I will use this as an opportunity to introduce myself and how I hope to use my iPad this semester.

I'm a biology professor in my 14th year at Lewis and Clark.  This semester I will be teaching one of my favorite courses: Animal Behavior.  The course includes many field trips to local natural areas where students have the chance to observe wild animals in their native habitats.  Topics we will explore include animal communication, habitat use, mating systems, and patterns of parental care.  With the iPad's ability to record and play back video and sound, I look forward to being able to share and review observations with students while in the field... something I've never been able to do before.  So, look for updates here as the semester gets under way.  As we move forward, any suggestions for useful apps or other feedback would be much appreciated.


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